Vive La Compagnie!

What does it mean? It translates into a few meanings- but the one we like the most is "long live the gang!"

There's a song of the same name that dates back to the early 1800s. The lyrics celebrate friendship, love, lifting a glass and cherishing each moment. We like all of that!

As a brand and a creative collaboration between two old friends we want to work by a value system and hold our vision dear.

We know ourselves and what we like. We like color, working together, reinvention and restoration.

We are sentimental, we like things made to last. Favorite pieces get rediscovered. Memories are made. Just like a good friendship.

We are making things we cannot find and trying to produce to the highest level of quality and sustainability that will last for a long time.

We've fallen in love with the lifecycle that thoughtfulness and quality can provide.

We buy for longevity. The items we buy are not disposable. Just like a good friendship.

Trends & seasonal styles are fun and definitely get the "likes", but we want our pieces (just like our friendships) to be around for the long haul. We love that more than being trendy.

You'll see a lot of feathered friends around our site. We love Parrots for so many reasons. They live for a very long time. Many species bond for life. They are intelligent, and thoughtful. (And a group of parrots is called a company!) Some are talkative and some are quiet. Some are colorful and some are elegant in their muted tones of white and grey. We love parrots so much we have adopted them as a symbol of our brand because they embody everything we value about sustainability, community and relationships.

So that's what we are all about. Being a good friend to each other, our customers, our vendors, and being thoughtful to the environment. Wanna join our gang? Cool. You're in!

Vive la Compagnie!